Bella Girl

Bella.  She is my love, joy and inspiration.  I have had many pets throughout my life, but Bella is special.  It is because of her that I have decided to start my own pet care business.  To keep her healthy I researched and learned the raw food diet.  To keep her safe I went through the pet CPR and first aid training.  I want to keep her around for as long as I can.  And now I can use my research and experience to help others and their furry family friends. 

She was my husband’s first dog, he grew up with cats and hamsters.  He was uneasy about dogs in general since he was not around them much.  Bella won him over with her sweetness, cuddles and kisses.  Now he really understands what pets mean to their pet parents. 

Bella loves to be with us where ever we go.  Hiking, kayaking, road trips, dinner on the patio or just napping in the hammock.  Because of the impression she has made on me and my family, I felt she deserved her own page on this site.  If you ever see Bella in town make sure you stop and say hi.  She loves making new friends. 



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