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Services Provided

I provide In-Home visits for your dogs of all ages, cats, rodents, snakes, lizards, pigs…  Whatever animal you adopt as part of your family I will treat like family.  If your pet has any special needs I would be happy to accommodate.

Whether they need exercise, affection, a brushing, bath, litter cleaning, administer medications, etc… whatever makes them more comfortable and keeps them healthy.

Kennel and Boarding alternative.  Visiting the pet’s own home is much more ideal than boarding at a kennel.  I personalize my professional services to the specific needs of your family pets, my time is dedicated to them. Your pet can be relaxed because they are in their own environment.  And you can relax that your pet is well cared for and you don’t have to pack them up and send them off to unfamiliar territory.  You won’t need to worry about how they will react or be treated by other animals in the kennel.  If your fur baby has dietary issues you don’t want to worry that they are given food at a kennel that will make them sick.  Plus, since they are staying in their own homes there is no requirement of the kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine.  All I ask for is proof that every dog, cat or ferret is current on their rabies vaccine, as this is required by law.

Also, through my own research and from talking with others; it’s been noted that some boarders/kennels will not accept elderly dogs/cats, nor will they take puppies/kittens under a certain age.  Not all boarders or kennels are open on Holidays or Sundays either.  While you are on vacation, give your pet a stay-cation.

If you are out of town I can also bring in your mail, water your plants, rotate lights/blinds, put out trash/recycling for pick up, check that the heat is working in the winter, etc…


Pop In visit, quick check-in.  15-20 minute wellness check on your pets, refill water and food, clean litter box, give them a cuddle.       $20 per visit

Mid Day Stretch for out of crate or fresh air time for your dog while you are out for the day.  30 minutes to take a private walk around the neighborhood, play fetch in the backyard, whatever suits their four legged fancy.    ⇒   $25 per visit, $30 for 45 minutes, $35 for 60 minutes

Sleepover Package for your special pets who need to keep their regular routines while you are away we can stay at your home with them.  Usually from around 9pm – 8am. This includes evening potty break, play/snuggle time, morning potty break, breakfast, medication and home care.   ⇒   $75 per night  We highly recommend additional visits for your dogs during the day. Any additional midday visits/walks/meals are based on our usual rates. $20 per visit for 15-20 minutes, $25 per visit for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 minutes, $35 for 60 minutes

No Nonsense:

  • In most situations there is no need for me to charge extra for additional animals.  My rates are based on my time.  As long as I can get all the needs of your pets and household taken care of in a given time, my rate is what it is.  I can assess your needs when we meet and will let you know if I feel I require more time to accomplish everything.  I don’t care for hidden costs and I am sure you don’t either.
  • I do not charge extra for administering medications.  Again, as long as there is enough time allotted I will do whatever needs to be done to keep your pet comfortable.
  • There is no holiday up charge at this time, and plan to keep it that way.
  • Payments by credit card, cash or check accepted.  No up-charge for credit card payments.
  • There is NO overnight boarding or day care services in my own home.
  • My time is valuable and the miles driving is precious minutes away from my client’s pets. Although I am willing to make reasonable adjustments based on your individual circumstances, I like to keep my service area very local. My general service area is 10 minute drive from my home on West Acton Road Stow, MA.
  • Please call me if you have any questions regarding what can be done for your specific pet care needs.
  • * All prices and services are subject to change, please refer to this website for the latest rates and services.
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